Mckie Works is a family endeavor built to combat illiteracy around the globe. According to UNICEF, "nearly a billion people entered the 21st century unable to read a book and sign their names and two-thirds of them are women."

Reading for fifteen minutes each day can tremendously decrease the illiteracy rate and increase your child's ability to support himself in the future considerably. There is an abundance of research supporting daily reading with your child before and during the time that your child is learning to read. Researchers have also connected the ability to read and academic success. Students with strong reading skills tend to do well in school.

Our stories are written to teach spiritual lessons, entertain, and provide reading material for different age groups.

Reading can be fun. We encourage you to make a commitment to place good books in the hands of your children and to let them see you lead by example. Literacy is learned.

Please take the time to watch the videos of book reviews, challenges, promotions and other exciting news in books. 

We pray that your time spent on this site will enrich your lives and is a blessing to you, your family and friends.  

Please click on the links above to learn more about us, services offered, to obtain literacy tips, and to communicate with us.Look around our website and if you have any comments, questions, or suggestions please feel free to contact us.

 The Mckie Family 

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