Towanda Mckie is a certified teacher, literacy advocate, and writer. Towanda's goal is to not only bring attention to the illiteracy rate across the globe but to advocate for literacy services for those who have fallen behind.

Towanda and her family promotes reading by writing stories that are interesting and funny, they also promote events that celebrate reading and show the importance of literacy at home, and they do book reviews with the hope that someone is inspired to visit the library or bookstore for books to read.

Towanda loves to write, laugh, and spend time with her family which includes her husband, Andrew and their two children, Tyler and Kayla.

Kayla Mckie is in tenth grade and also writes with her mom. They have written two books together, Addy Goes to Grandma's House, and Cassie's Birthday Wish. They have plans to collaborate on additional children's books in the future. Kayla is also working on independent projects of her own.

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