Addy Goes To Grandma's House

2nd edition

Addy is eight years old and in the third grade. Join Addy as she goes through her school day anxiously waiting for it to end. You see, Addy is going to her grandma’s house this weekend and she is so excited that she cannot think of anything else. Addy’s excitement is funny, heartwarming and will bring memories back to those who have also visited their grandma’s house. This story tells about the love that children have for their grandmothers and the funny things they think while preparing to go. Follow Addy as she gets ready to go for an exciting weekend with her grandma.

Cassie's Birthday Wish

Cassie is eight years old and wants nothing more than a puppy for her next birthday. She has asked her parents for a puppy what seems like a thousand times. Cassie is willing to do anything to prove to her parents that she is ready to take care of a puppy. Will Cassie convince her parents to give her this birthday wish?

I Almost STRANGLED My Teenager!

The Randolph family is focused on raising their two children, Aden and Kimberly with Christian values. This family finds themselves facing one challenge after the other as their teenage son, Aden rebels in every way imaginable and Kristin’s dad suffers a tragic accident. Aden skips class,steals, lies and walks a thin line to being a criminal. The Randolph’s fightback with prayer, sticking to their boundaries and tough love as they try to direct Aden back to the respectful son that he used to be. Kristin feels like she’s drowning and Alex Randolph takes on more responsibility to hold his family together. This isn’t an easy task because a secret lies in this family that threatens to tear them apart.

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