Avoid Summer Learning Loss

Encourage Summer Reading

All young people experience summer learning loss when they are not engaged in educational activities. Ensure that your child is engaged in productive learning for the summer.

Here are some tips that I used when my children were young and still use with my teenager.

* Read the newspaper, magazines, and books around your children so they know that reading can be fun and is important.

*Take books with you everywhere you go (grocery store, doctor's office, park, long drives, beach, etc.).

*Look for opportunities to read and teach new words.

*Contact your local library and ask about summer reading programs. Many of them will provide prizes based on the number of minutes read.

*Make reading and word study fun. Come up with games to play during bike riding, playing at the park, swimming in the pool, or simply sitting on your deck.

*Create your own rewards for the number of minutes read or for learning a new word.

*Read books that your children can relate to. For example, your family is about to take a vacation; it is a perfect time to read about going to the beach, etc.

*Read to your children even if they can read on their own. This practice can help them build fluency.

*Hire a tutor to ensure time is set aside for summer learning.

For more summer reading tips click on the link below.